We, the owners of Blue Arc, have been providing mental and behavioral health treatment in Central Virginia for the past 12 years.

As practitioners turned owners, we pioneered our practice with one mission, to “provide the right service to the right person at the right time.” We began by delivering home-based, therapeutic behavioral modification services to children, adolescents, and their families. We quickly realized, however, that in order to effectively empower the family unit, we would need to incorporate interventions designed for parents. With this newfound awareness, we eagerly designed an array of mental health rehabilitative services for adults, including residential and outpatient skill building, skill training, case management, crisis stabilization, and substance abuse recovery.

As our relationship with the community has continued to grow over the years, it has revealed other areas of need within our mental and behavioral healthcare system. When the quality of outpatient psychiatric counseling came into question, we comprised a team of well-experienced, highly qualified, and deeply passionate Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers to heighten the standards. And when the Autism community started to speak, we were right here listening, with open ears and open hearts. We have always steered our organizational growth to address the needs of our community, and Blue Arc is another of those ventures.

The need for ABA treatment for those with Autism in our community reached us professionally when a client referral to a peer in the field resulted in admission to a year-long waitlist. It then reached us personally when Autism was diagnosed within our own friend and family circles. This is when we understood that the right time was now, and so we started building.

“Today, right now, there are only enough BCBA’s in this country to provide ABA services to maybe half of the children with Autism who need it. And our Autism community here in Central Virginia is no stranger to the fierce reality of these statistics,” says Stacey Muscat, Director of ABA Services at Blue Arc. “When the owners approached me with this opportunity, I did not hesitate... because every child deserves to have a voice, to be independent, and to know how to interact with the social world they live in. That is their freedom and our responsibility.”

We are happy to have added Blue Arc to our story and to be offering behavior analytic services to the Autism community. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality ABA therapy available to the children and individuals who need it today. And we are also committed to providing the greatest support possible for the professional development of those who join our team so that there are enough professionals to match the prevalence of Autism tomorrow.


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